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Experience Luxury Beyond All Expectation | Only Four Apartments Available.

The Speakeasy Bar

The Speakeasy Bar Drink - One Saint Stephens Apartments, Parnell, Auckland

Next to The Private Dining Room, you will find The Speakeasy Bar, another luxurious space where you can greet and entertain friends in an atmosphere that evokes high-end New York.

You can choose to sink into the richly-textured velour seating, or draw up one of the bespoke designer chairs. The stone-topped tables add a classic touch.

A combination of oak panelling and polished plaster from Ambitech creates a rich, warm ambience, which is further enhanced by the recessed lighting.

The beautifully balanced tumblers and wine glasses are from Richard Brendon and Jancis Robinson, befitting a private bar that serves only the best.

Behind the bar you will find an under-bench bar fridge, where you will be able to chill your wine in advance and continue to keep it cold. This is complemented by a working sink and bar tools, and ice is always available from the ice maker. 

Also behind the bar is your private storage locker, where you will be able to keep a special bottle or two, safely under lock and key but also easily to hand.

The Speakeasy Bar will be acoustically treated, so private conversations are not overheard, and more spirited celebrations do not impact on other residents.