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Experience Luxury Beyond All Expectation | Only Four Apartments Available.


Mike Sullivan and Martin Cooper, Countrywide Residences & Experiences by Coopers

Countrywide Residences & Experiences by Coopers

One Saint Stephens is the third direct collaboration between Mike Sullivan’s Countrywide Residences and Martin Cooper’s Experiences by Coopers. Previously, Outlook Mission Bay and Elm Remuera have reflected their passion for creating homes where every aspect of the design and execution contributes significantly to the living experience and pride of ownership.

The success of these two developments convinced them a small group of the most discerning buyers were waiting for something that went even further. To align the desire to live in an apartment with the desire to enjoy the finest things in life, to pursue a luxurious lifestyle simply not available elsewhere.

The ability to raise the bar, in terms of aspiration as well as delivery, was the key to the success of the team’s previous developments. Once more they are aiming higher; this time the goal is the ultimate.

Countrywide Residences Experiences by Coopers