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Experience Luxury Beyond All Expectation | Only Four Apartments Available.

Apartments Like no other

The first thing to strike you on entering these apartments is their scale.

Beyond Generous

With stud heights ranging from 2.6 to 3.0 metres, there is a sense of openness and airiness. The expansive scale of these apartments lets you and your friends gather, share and enjoy in a variety of spaces.

Media Room - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
The generous proportion of the media rooms allows for seating areas where three or more people can watch a movie on the big screen in comfort.

The media rooms are either positioned close to the living area or nestled away where there is peace and quiet. Those adjacent to the living area have doors that can be drawn back to integrate the room into the larger space. So, while they are called media rooms, they are truly flexible, multi-purpose spaces.
Balcony - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
Balconies are set back into the building, increasing the sense of enclosure and privacy, as well as providing welcome shade on hot, sunny days.

Generously proportioned, these balconies will have planter boxes filled with greenery, providing a softness that contrasts with the solidity of the stone. These planter boxes will be maintained for you, leaving you to enjoy this much-appreciated living space.
Dining - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
Living Space - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland

Your apartment will welcome you and your life, the spacious interiors ready to accommodate your enthusiasms, passions and everything you treasure.

Beyond Delicious

Imagine meals you cannot wait to prepare – or have prepared for you – in a kitchen worthy of a professional chef.

Scullery - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
Kitchen Detail - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
Kitchen - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
Kitchen - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland
Your large, beautifully conceived kitchen is the anchor point for your highly flexible living space. Designed for people who love to cook, every detail has been fully considered.

When you prepare your meal, everything you need will be to hand, with plenty of room to spread out. The monolithic stone bench top will be both highly functional and beautiful. The main cooking zone is contained within a finely detailed aluminium canopy, adding further refinement to the space.

Two or more wall ovens and an induction cooktop with multiple flexi-zones let you prepare several dishes simultaneously, while other appliances are concealed within the full height joinery.

One Saint Stephens is the first development in New Zealand to sign an exclusive contract with Gaggenau, the world’s
premium appliance brand.

Beyond Sanctuary

Your master suite will be your private retreat, where you prepare for the day or the evening ahead – or return to, for well-deserved rest in the most sumptuous of surroundings.

Many bedrooms will have room for casual seating or treasured furniture, lending further elegance and refinement to the room. Pleasing outlooks make these lovely places to linger in the morning when your schedule allows.

Walk-in Wardrobe and Dressing Room - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland

Proceeding to the walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms, you will find shelves, drawers and plenty of hanging space.

Well-organised racks will accommodate clothes and accessories for every occasion while overhead storage space takes care of luggage and other belongings.

Designed with generous proportions, perhaps the greatest luxury will be dressing in a room reserved for the purpose, where everything is conveniently to hand.

Bathroom - One Saint Stephens Apartment, Parnell, Auckland

At One Saint Stephens, the beautifully appointed en suites are most often located beyond the dressing room, for even more seclusion and privacy.

These calming and restorative spaces use materials reserved for only the finest homes. Elegant, mirrored cabinets appear to float in front of the porcelain wall tiles with their seamless stone-like finish.

Natural stone benchtops feature vessel basins, while oversized showers, standalone baths and thoughtful lighting all contribute to the sense of luxury.

The specified oversize wall tiles in the shower leave exactly the right space for the shower niche. The architect has designed a custom cabinet/lighting system that incorporates storage in a way unique to One Saint Stephens.

Elsewhere in the apartment, most owners will find the second bedroom has its own en suite, designed and finished to a similar high standard, with no effort spared to create the most secluded and luxurious surroundings.

FinD your Apartment

One Saint Stephens offers a selection of apartments with generous layouts, outlooks and finishes.

We are constantly reviewing every little detail to make sure One Saint Stephens upholds a luxurious experience beyond look and feel alone.

Martin Cooper – Co-Developer