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Experience Luxury Beyond All Expectation | Only Four Apartments Available.

Wellness Retreat

Be Good to Yourself

To complement the heated outdoor pool, which will be ideal for getting in a few laps or lazing around with younger family, there is a luxuriously appointed wellness area, with a soak pool, sauna and steam room.

Here you will be able to luxuriate and relax, as well as improve your mental and physical well-being.

The retreat welcomes up to four visitors so you can share the experience with family or friends. Alternatively, if you wish to enjoy the facilities alone, you can book the rooms or pool for your sole use.

The retreat has blinds that can be lowered for complete privacy or raised to let you enjoy the light.

Soak Pool - One Saint Stephens Apartments, Parnell, Auckland

The soak pool

Made from Italian stone, the soak pool is reminiscent of ancient Roman Baths, although the scale is more personal and intimate.

The ozone treated water will be set to a very comfortable 36°C, the ideal temperature for soothing those aches and pains, or just letting tired muscles relax. 

You will have the choice of looking out onto the heated swimming pool or lowering the blinds for privacy. You will be able to set the mood by dimming the lighting if you wish.

Sauna - One Saint Stephens Apartments, Parnell, Auckland

The Sauna

Saunas offer many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving breathing and reducing joint pain. Others like them for relaxing, putting them on a par with a slow, gentle massage.

Steam Room - One Saint Stephens Apartments, Parnell, Auckland

The Steam Room

Increasingly popular, steam rooms bring their own set of wellness benefits. Like saunas they improve breathing; they also increase circulation, promote skin health, and can also help with immunity.

Heated Exterior Swimming Pool - One Saint Stephens Apartments, Parnell, Auckland

The heated swimming pool

The wellness area sits adjacent to the heated swimming pool, where you will be able to complete your wellness session with a refreshing dip. This will be available throughout the year, letting you maintain a good exercise regime alongside your regular visits to the soak pool, sauna and steam room.