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Experience Luxury Beyond All Expectation | Only Four Apartments Available.

The Luxury Beyond

One Saint Stephens asks an important question.
What is true luxury?

Is it beautiful proportions, dazzling surfaces, sumptuous materials, and a sense of opulence at every turn? One Saint Stephens is all of those, and it is much more.

Here you will find the luxury of uncrowded space, of time to linger, of choices to consider; the luxury of discoveries made, and opportunities taken; of being able to plan ahead or to act on a whim.

These we call the luxury beyond.

Soak pool - One Saint Stephens, Parnell, Auckland


For many, time has become the most precious luxury of all. Perhaps that is because it is irreplaceable – once it has slipped away, there is no getting it back.

Your life at One Saint Stephens will give you the luxury of time. Time that you can spend doing what you want to do.

Time to laze around the heated swimming pool with family. Time to enjoy the company of friends in the elegant Private Dining Room downstairs, as the chef of your choice prepares a spectacular meal. Time to linger afterwards in The Speakeasy Bar. Time to rejuvenate in the sauna in The Wellness area beside the pool.

Steam room - One Saint Stephens, Parnell, Auckland


Many people say one advantage of larger homes is that they allow degrees of separation. One Saint Stephens’ apartments provide for this in the generous dimensions of the multiple living spaces, and in the way they are arranged, with good connection and easy flow.

When you have people over, there is room to spread out in groups, or gather around the island of your exceptionally well-provisioned kitchen. With several different spaces to choose from, you and your guests will always feel comfortable and relaxed.

When you want to retreat for a little ‘me time’, there is a covered balcony, media room or quiet bedroom to choose from.

More than that, these apartments provide spaces for doing the things you like to do most. Whether it is pursuing a lifelong hobby, adding to your art collection, or snuggling up in the media room to binge on a Netflix thriller, there is space in abundance.

Celebration - One Saint Stephens, Parnell, Auckland


There are moments that are precious, as cherished as any fine object.

Often, these moments are totally unexpected. Some are unforgettable and stay with you for years. Others still are priceless, when you are so glad to have been there.

Moments like these will abound at One Saint Stephens. The moment you walk out of the building to your waiting limousine, to go to an anniversary dinner. When you open that treasured bottle of vintage red in the Speakeasy Bar, to share with a longstanding friend. Or when you welcome your impressed guests to The Private Dining Room, and they see the celebrated chef Des Harris preparing their dinner. Or when your grandchild completes her first lap of the pool she loves as much as you do.

These are moments that transcend the setting, and that money does not buy.


Pasture Restaurant, Parnell, Auckland
NSP Restaurant, Parnell, Auckland
Cibo Restaurant, Parnell, Auckland
The Private Dining Room, One Saint Stephens, Parnell, Auckland
One Saint Stephens

‘There is no luxury like the luxury of choice’.

The full meaning of these words will be clear to you every day at One Saint Stephens.

For example, where will you choose to entertain your friends tonight? At Cibo or NSP, or will you have a chef prepare a memorable meal in The Private Dining Room downstairs? Where will you get your coffee this morning? Close by at Pandoro? Or will you pop down to Little Rosie on Gladstone Road? Or maybe Red Rabbit at the bottom of St George’s Bay Road. Where will you exercise? In the pool at One Saint Stephens or will you do a few 60-metre laps at Parnell Baths? A workout at Next Gen, or maybe a good hit out at Parnell Tennis Club? Perhaps a brisk walk around the Auckland Domain?

At One Saint Stephens the choices keep coming. Even better, you will have the time to enjoy them.