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Under Construction with Completion in 2024

Big Bird up on a Bluebird Day

Roughly a fortnight ago, we welcomed back a familiar friend at One Saint Stephens. Colloquially named ‘Big Bird’, the same big yellow crane also graced the site of one of our previous developments, Outlook Mission Bay. It will be in situ for the next 18 months or so, undertaking the all-important work of lifting heavy construction materials around the site and unloading the tonnes of steel and other materials that will be used to construct One Saint Stephens.

Big Bird enjoying the Bluebird Day

The site now has two piling rigs working tirelessly to create the holes for the enormous pile shafts to be inserted into. The team is about one-third of the way through the total of 148 piles that form the perimeter of the two basement levels. Among other activities, the next couple of weeks will see another piling rig arrive to begin work on the foundations for the steel columns and the lift pits. 

Piling Rig in Action

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