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So Efficient This Photo is Already Out of Date

One Saint Stephens is a veritable hive of activity with 100+ crew working hard on any given day. Planning is critical, and Matthew, the Construction Project Manager, says they are reaping the benefits of the significant time invested into the programming during the pre-construction phase. 

As one purchaser commented, “the steel work is going up quicker than the Meccano set I had as a kid!”

Scrim is now up on the westerly aspect

Scrim is now up on the westerly aspect. The scrim protects the outside from construction contamination, prevents injury from any falling debris, and acts as a shade cloth and visual barrier.

There have been great efficiencies achieved by dividing the building in two vertically and ‘tag teaming’ the floor prep’ work in a zig-zag fashion from one side to the other, up the building. In the past month, the floor slab concrete pours have been completed on both ‘halves’ of levels one, two, and three and the westerly ends of levels four and five. 

The yellow crane, aka "Big Bird".

To enable this pattern to progress, the structural steel columns continue to be installed in their locations, making their way up the exterior and across each floor. The yellow crane, aka “Big Bird”, is certainly hard at work.  

The floor slab of an apartment's balcony.
The floor slab of an apartment's balcony.

The floor slabs of two apartments’ balconies can be seen in the above images, on top of which tiles will eventually be placed on a suspended system. Production of the balcony planter boxes, where relevant, are also underway on level one, with level two’s to follow.  In the basement, a black intumescent coating has been applied to the structural steel. The drainage for the car detailing area is also now in place, getting ready for you to wash your favourite car or rinse off a four-legged friend after a spirited walk. 

Looking forward, glazing will soon be installed on the ground level, and the roof steel is set to go which is surely an exciting milestone as we begin our journey to being fully enclosed. 

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