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A Peek Behind the Veil

The striking dark scrim is concealing the significant progress achieved over the past month. There is top-to-toe action at One Saint Stephens, with roof steel being installed above the penthouses, and the internal wall framing nearly complete on the ground floor.

Behind the veil

We look forward to celebrating this progress at our purchaser roof shout event next month, where our special guest is multi-talented Kiwi legend, Sir John Kirwan. JK will be our host, and chef of an Italian menu which will be paired with a selection of wines from JK14, all served by his daughter, Francesca.

The structural roof steel is being installed
The structural roof steel is being installed, capping off simply sensational views – not able to be fully appreciated through the scrim. 

While much of the current progress requires the use of imagination to visualise the final result, it is still really pleasing to see things taking shape. 

– Martin cooper, co-developer

Speaking of shape, the photo below depicts what will eventually be a curved feature wall leading to the speak-easy bar and adjacent powder room.

The curved feature wall leading to the speak-easy bar

With glazing all but complete on the ground floor, this batch of high-performance double glazing is poised to go in on level one.

High-performance double glazing

The ground floor framing, shown below, delineates the features of the wellness amenity area; steam room to left, sauna to right and soak pool to the background of this shot. The glazing beyond has a protective coating which will stay in place until completion. Also on the ground floor, the first of the services, such as air conditioning, is being installed in the ceiling cavity.

The ground floor framing of One Saint Stephens Apartments

Concrete nibs which form the base of the intertenancy walls are complete up to level two (as shown left) and are now going in on level three (seen right).

The base of the intertenancy walls on Level 2 of One Saint Stephens
The base of the intertenancy walls on Level 3 of One Saint Stephens

A dedicated team of highly skilled construction workers from multiple disciplines are onsite every day creating what will be New Zealand’s most luxurious apartment developments ever built, and it is wonderful to watch it happen.

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