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Experience Luxury Beyond All Expectation | Only Four Apartments Available.

Bye, Bye Big Bird

One Saint Stephens’ yellow crane ‘Big Bird’ has been removed from site in the past fortnight. Its job is complete! Also gone is the scrim and scaff’ on the northwest side of the building exposing the gorgeous Jura stone and glazed dark terracotta bricks. The removal of this area of scaffolding was necessary for work to commence on the outdoor pool zone. The remaining scaffolding is due down in June.

Meanwhile inside, the light and bright Hampton Elm master wardrobe units are nearly all in on the ground floor. It’s great to see the negative detail framing the segments providing a touch of luxury and interest, as was the design intention. 

Manufacturers, Sharp & Page, have also been busy progressing the installation of kitchen cabinetry. It’s a sea of Gaggenau as the appliances lay awaiting their rightful place. One Saint Stephens is the first fully-Gaggenau building in Australasia, and the first to include the laundry appliances.

Laying of the engineered timber flooring is complete on the ground level and is now going in on the first floor with a comforting level of acoustic underlay going in beneath. This easy to care for floor surface gets covered to protect it for the remainder of the build only to be revealed again closer to practical completion. 

Among the 150+ skilled people on site daily are the Ambitec plasterers. This artisan job is creating an understated, but simply stunning aesthetic feature to each apartment. The above pictured ’04’ living area wall beguiles the detailed work under the surface that was required to create the gentle curvature around the Escea gas fireplace. 

On level two, the balcony tiles are being laid on jacks, and balustrading is going in on all levels below and above. The balustrading has a narrow ledge on top that may prove rather handy to sit a sundowner on, or to lean on to watch the world go by. The planting has also been done in order to give it time to establish. These boxes will be irrigated to keep the plants well maintained.

From the plasterers and tilers to the cabinetry installers and floor layers – the team continue to work hard to bring One Saint Stephens to fruition for our purchaser community. Will you be joining us? Only four remain available.  

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