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Under Construction with Completion in 2024

Curing of Concrete & Shipping of Stone

It’s all go at One Saint Stephens as the procurement of materials sees the shipping of external cladding this week, right on schedule. The premium Jura limestone from Germany has been cut, packed, and is now on its way to New Zealand shores. Known for its hardness and low maintenance, Jura limestone is very sought-after worldwide, and it will grace a large portion of the exterior at One Saint Stephens.  

On-site, the team has been pouring huge volumes of concrete for the basement levels, and it is exciting to see the footprint of the building taking shape. Most of the concrete slab is poured and cured on the lower basement level, with only a small section left to complete near the vehicle entry ramp. All of the pre-cast concrete wall panels are now in place on this level. On the upper basement level, approximately one-third of the concrete slab has been poured, and many of the pre-cast concrete wall panels are in place. The team will continue to work on this level over the next week or so. As the concrete pours are completed, the waterproofing team can also complete their work. Other notable milestones in the latest period include completing the stormwater detention tank and public drainage connection.

Looking ahead, the team working on the in-situ concrete lift shafts and stairwells continues to jump levels quickly. These structures are becoming more and more visible above the site hoardings, and within a couple of months’ time, they will reach the full height of the building. Once the second large concrete pour is completed on the upper basement level, the structural steel team will begin to assemble the supports for the ground floor so that work on the initial apartment level can get underway.

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